A new concept of prosperity, transforming Capital through Life Nature

A mutual prosperity business plan, between the environment and people like you, willing to invest in a better future for the next generations.

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Who We Are

We are based on sustainability and constantly improving the quality of life in our planet

GreenGold was born from the dream of an eco-entrepreneur Mr. Adam Durand and with the help of partners, who as always been a defender of forests and nature. We care about our planet more than just simply capital gains, so we continue bringing life quality through investments in Noble Forest Plantations!

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Our mission

The next generation can access quality healthcare through our actions today!

Our ecosystem has been suffering for a long time. Our forest reserves suffer from unregulated logging as tons of polluting gases are dumped into the environment on a daily basis. So we had to do something!

World Demand

The global demand for hardwood grows on average of 14% per year; an exclusive and valued product.

New Opportunities

Observing that demand, GreenGold innitiate to planting +1 million adult trees and +8 million seedling tress, 7 years ago.


So we decided to expanding offering this opportunity through Relationship Marketing to exclusive people.

Promising Scenario

We are then faced with an extremely promising scenario in which you can participate by buying noble trees already planted and profiting from income.

Follow the growth of the hardwood market

You'll have the opportunity to buy Guanandi trees already planted with cut forecasted 12y from now. After the cut, the logs will be transformed into planks and converted into cubic meters of noble raw material to the consumer market.

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